Fire Ant Information (invasive species)

(Updated on 15 September 2017)

Our measures against fire ants

Fire ants were found in a container unloaded in the Port of Kobe on June 2017 for the first time in Japan. Since then, ports across the country are taking measures against fire ants. Port of Shimizu personnel are also are checking for fire ants at the container yard continuously following the first patrol on June 19th.


In addition, we have set insect traps in the container yard and surroundings and exchange them about once a week to check whether or not fire ants have been captured.

Timeline of events

Date Events
 Jun 19 - Jun 23  Carried out urgent patrol in the port –found no invasive species
Jul 3 Held a briefing for port companies and the press
Carried out a patrol with a specialist in entomology Toshio Kishimoto (Associate Professor of Museum of Natural and Environmental history) –found no invasive species
Jul 14 Started setting insect traps in Sodesi No.1 Wharf and Shin-Okitsu Wharf
Jul 28 Ants considered to be fire ants were found in a container at Sodeshi No.1 Wharf
Aug 3 Fire ants were found in the traps around a port warehouse in Sodeshi No.1 Wharf
- Aug 10 Fire ants were found in the traps around a port warehouse in Sodeshi No.1 Wharf
Disinfected the container and the truck which transported it
Aug 16 Found fire ants from the traps set on Aug 10 in Shin-Okitsu Wharf 
Aug 24 Found a colony of ants considered to be fire ants in Shin-Okitsu Wharf
Aug 28 Exterminated the colony and disinfected surroundings in cooperation with extermination professionals
Ministry of the Environment released that they found 101 red imported fire ants and 14 fire ants from their traps which were set on Aug 18 and collected on Aug 21 
Aug 29 The ants exterminated on Aug 24 as 25 were red imported fire ants and 5 fire ants 
About 500 ants exterminated on Aug 28 were determined to be red imported fire ants
Sep 6 4 fire ants were found from a container transported to a company in Fukuroi city(that was imported from Port of Laem Chabang in Thailand to Shin-Okitsu Wharf)
Found about 100 fire ants including 12 larvae and 5 pupas from the returned container in Sodeshi No.1 Wharf , and all were exterminated
Set traps and insecticidal bait in the container and surroundings in Shin-Okitsu Wharf
Sep 13 Collected traps set on Sep 6 –found no fire ants
Insect traps set around container
Insect traps set around container
Personnel checking insect traps
Personnel checking insect traps
A fire ant found in Port of Shimizu
A fire ant found in Port of Shimizu

The first appearance of fire ants in the Port of Shimizu was on July 28, 2017 in a container put in Sodeshi No.1 Wharf, and that of red imported fire ants is on August 24 2017 on the ground of Shin-Okitsu Container Terminal. Furthermore, in Fukuroi city fire ants were found in a container transported from the Port of Shimizu.

We set insect traps and insecticidal bait where fire ants or red imported fire ants were found, and exchanged them on regular basis to grasp living condition of fire ants and to exterminate them.

Furthermore, in the Sodeshi No.1 Wharf and Shin-Okitsu Wharf, we set traps everywhere whether fire ants were discovered or not.

When you suspect you may have found fire ants…

If you find ants considered to be fire ants in Port of Shimizu, kill them with insecticide at first and contact Security and Maintenance Division in Port Authority (054-353-2202) immediately.

Please be extra careful when you open containers and handle cargo.

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