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Information about exciting events is periodically posted here. Make sure to check regularly and find out what sorts of cool things are going on at the Port of Shimizu!

Call for entertainers

The Port of Shimizu is seeking singers, dancers, musicians, and other entertainers to perform for passenger ship visits at the Port of Shimizu. This is a wonderful chance to make sure the passengers leave Shimizu with fond memories. To apply, please fill out the form located at this link.

For further information: Port and Harbor Strategic Division +81(0)54-221-3779

Upcoming Schedule

1) 07:35-08:05  January 7th, 2018, ASUKAⅡ

2) 16:35-17:05  January 7th, 2018, ASUKAⅡ

3) 07:35-08:05  January 26th, 2018, ASUKAⅡ

4) 12:35-13:05  January 26th, 2018, ASUKAⅡ

5) 06:35-07:05  March 9th, 2018, NIPPON MARU

6) 16:35-17:05  March 9th, 2018,NIPPON MARU

7) 16:35-17:05  March 12th, 2018, NIPPON MARU

8) 18:35-19:05  March 12th, 2018, NIPPON MARU

9) 11:35-12:05  March 31st, 2018, NORWEGIAN JEWEL




For performances after October 30, 2017, please ask us.

Shizuoka Prefectural Government

(Port and Harbor Strategic Division)

9-6 Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 420-8601 Japan

Phone: 054-221-3779 (domestic)

Fax:  054-221-2389 (domestic)

E-mail: kouwan_kikaku@pref.shizuoka.lg.jp