Sodeshi No.1 wharf

Wood Yard
Wood Yard

This wharf houses modern facilities, and it is the primal wharf at the Port of Shimizu. One of the products being handled at this wharf is raw wood.

To accommodate the more container cargoes and larger container vessels,
a new container terminal was built in the Shin-Okitsu area, which was opened in 2003.

Sodeshi No.1 wharf


・Gross Area 184,096㎡
・Container Capacity Grand slot 5,167TEU
・Number of Maintenance Shops 2
(Loading Machine Space 1,072㎡ / Container Repair Space1,284㎡)
・Gate 8lanes
・Fumigation Storage Reinforced concrete 1-story building 900㎡
・Inspection Station (For imported agricultural products) Reinforced 1-story building 654㎡
・5 Container Cranes Open 24 hours
(Specification) Crane1 Crane2  Crane3 Crane4  Crane5
(Max Capacity) 45.0t 46.4t  52.2t 50.0t  50.0t
(Load Rating) 30.5t 30.5t  30.5t 30.5t  30.5t
(Outreach) 36.85m 37.2t  46.0m 46.0m  46.0m
(Back-reach) 11.65m 12.0m  12.0m 12.0m  12.0m
(Total Pump Head) 38.5m 38.3m  50.0m 50.0m  50.0m
(Capable Vessels)
Capable to handle row /
mounted-up containers
13-5 13-5  16-6  16-6 16-6
Transfer Cranes (Rubber-Tired Model) 10
(Load Rating) 30.5t
Fumigation Storage
Fumigation Storage
Reefer Plugs
Reefer Plugs
Container cranes
Container cranes


Depth (m) Length (m) Mooring Capacity Main Cargo
12.2 720 30,000 TDW × 2 Container Cargo Timber
12.2 240 30,000 TDW × 1
  9.0 350 10,000 TDW × 2
  7.5 655   5,000 TDW × 2
  4.5 240      700 TDW × 2