Shin-Okitsu Wharf/Okitsu Wharf No. 1

Shin-Okitsu Wharf features a state-of-the-art container terminal with two connected earthquake-resistant berths measuring seven hundred meters in length and fifteen meters deep, giving it the ability to handle a wide variety of cargo. Okitsu No. 1 Wharf, on the other hand, specializes mainly in handling fishery products.

Shin-Okitsu wharf · Okitsu No.1 wharf

Shin-Okitsu Wharf



Total Area 218,500 square meters
Container Storage Ground slot: 3,982 TEU
Maintenance Shops One
Gate Ten lanes
Loading Equipment Five gantry cranes (18 rows by 6 stacks)

Fourteen transfer cranes (rubber-tired bridge cranes)

Five container forklifts


Depth (m) Length (m) Mooring Capacity Main Cargo
15.0 700 60,000 TDW × 2 Container cargo

Okitsu No.1 Wharf


Depth (m) Length (m) Mooring Capacity Main Cargo
10.0 556 5,000 TDW × 3 Fishery products
5.5 181 2,000 TDW × 2