COVID-19 Information

This page is providing the information regarding the cancellation of the events,  restricted areas at the Port to Shimizu, and others to prevent form spreading the COVID-19.


As of July 6, 2020

Business hours and services

Our staffs are working at the office with limited number followed by the Shizuoka Prefectural Government policy regarding the COVID-19. However we try to give you the utmost services. We would appreciate for your cooperation.

 As of July 6, 2020

Business hours

Open: 8:30 am Close: 5:15 pm(From Monday to Friday)

*Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays are closed

Contact We would like to advise that you contact us by email first, if the issues are not in urgent. It may take longer than usual to respond your inquiries at the counter.
Administration Div.
Planning, Construction, and Development Div.
Security and Maintenance Div.
Facilities Management Div.

Public parks and beaches

No fishing and playing around the beaches and parks in the Port of Shimizu are highly advised for a certain period.  Beaches, public parks, and parking lots around these public areas in the Port of Shimizu have been temporally closed  due to the  declaration of a state of emergency in view of this rapidly evolving situation of the COVID-19 since 23 of April, 2020.  Residents and non-residents especially crossing border from other prefecture are strongly advised not to enter and use these facilities. We would be much appreciated for your cooperation.Please stay home and stay healthy.  We would like to welcome you all again after this severe situation. 

As of May 12, 2020

Parks in Okitsu areas (Shin-okitsu ryokuchi park, Okitsu multipurpose ground, etc) and their parking lots


Orido-Shiosai Park and its parking lot


Shimizu Marine Park (※Managed by the Hinode Dream Park


Shimizu Marine Parking Lot (※Managed by the Hinode Dream Park

only for monthly contract

Okitsu BeachMiho Beach


Port tours

Due to the spread of new corona-virus (COVID-19) infection, we have been temporarily stopped accepting tours for the port.  We will be posting here when the tours will be available again for businesses, educational entities, and other organizations.  

To apply the tour please visit the pages for tours and seminars.  If you are interested in please contact us by email. We also appreciate for your patient that it may take longer time due to this situation.


Video library: Several images and videos are available in this website. You can get acknowledged the port and experience VR-tour. Feel free to visit this page.  Please note that some are only available in Japanese.

As of July 6 2020


Seminars are regularly held by the Shimizu Port Sales Committee, but this year's schedule are not uncertain at this point.  Please check this page for the updates.

As of May 18, 2020

Passenger ships

Many passenger ships scheduled to call at this year have been canceled due to the influence of the new Corona virus (COVID-19) .  For the latest information on passenger ships calling at the Port of Shimizu and related events passenger ships, please see the Shimizu Port Passenger Ships Promotion invitation Committee website.

As of July 6, 2020

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