Statistics · 2021/10/07
44,177TEU was handled in September, 2021. 113.7% up compared to September of 2020.
Statistics · 2021/09/07
44,335TEU was handled in August, 2021. 107.5% up compared to August of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/08/27
Please enjoy the photos of the Chikyu_the drilling ship calling at the Port of Shimizu. Shimizu Port Authority
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/08/18
What beautiful shots with Nipponmaru, the passenger ship, Mount Fuji, and the Port of Shimizu! Shimizu Port Authority
Statistics · 2021/08/11
50,194TEU was handled in July, 2021. 119.1% up compared to July of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/08/05
Our favorite snaps taken at the port of Shimizu, with the passenger ship, Nipponmaru. So elegant and beautiful with blue sky, summer Mountain Fuji, and the splendid Suruga Bay! Shimizu Port Authority
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/07/19
Greetings from Shimizu Port 2021 on YouTube to all crew members!
Welcome to Shimizu Port! This is a one-minute short video message from Shimizu, Japan, a port at the foot of Mount Fuji, to cheer everybody up in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak. People working at the Port of Shimizu, related industries, and local people participated in this video. Representing Team Shimizu, students show their appreciation for the essential workers. The third Monday of July is a Japanese public holiday known as “Marine Day,” and many related events have been held in various...
Statistics · 2021/07/05
47,249TEU was handled in June, 2021. 118.7% up compared to June of 2020.
Statistics · 2021/06/04
46,165TEU was handled in May, 2021. 125.6% up compared to May of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/05/19
One day at the Port of Shimizu. A giant pink container liner was calling at the port.