Statistics · 2022/06/07
44,449TEU was handled in May, 2022. 96.3% up compared to May of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/05/16
46,196TEU was handled in April, 2022. 90.1% up compared to April of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/04/11
49,594TEU was handled in March, 2022. 99.5% up compared to March of 2021.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2022/03/28
This is one of the spectacular sceneries at the Port of Shimzu, Mount Fuji, container liner, blue sky and oceans. Shimizu Port Authority
Statistics · 2022/03/07
46,097TEU was handled in February, 2022. 98.2% up compared to February of 2021.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2022/02/15
Statistics · 2022/02/09
42,239TEU was handled in January, 2022. 103.6% up compared to January of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/01/13
47,083TEU was handled in December, 2021. 96.2% up compared to December of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2022/01/02
It was ASUKA II, that the first passenger ship called at the Port of Shimizu in 2022. Many local people and the snow capped Mount Fuji welcomed the ship and passengers. The passengers, crews, and all the people gathered at the pier enjoyed the welcome Taiko, Japanese drum, performance. written by Shimizu Port Authority For the cruise port call information, please visit the official cite of "the Shimizu Port Passenger Ships Promotion Committee"
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/12/28