03. July 2018
49,410 TEU was handled in June. Seaborne cargoes handled in March, 2018 was posted. 1st Quarterly report, 2018, for the Exports and Imports from/ to the Port of Shimizu are also available. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
30. June 2018
Every summer, the art contests both in Savannah, USA, and the Port of Shimizu, Japan were held. 7,382 students and their art pieces from the elementary schools near the Port of Shimizu were participated in the contests in Japan this summer. 3 best awards of the Port of Shimizu art contest 2018 were chosen on June 22, 2018. Please come see the wonderful sea world of the pictures at the Verker: Shimizu Port museum, from June 30 to July 31, 2018. Please also see the blog "Art contest held at the...
22. June 2018
The Georgia Ports -Port of Shimizu Art Contest and awards ceremony in Savannah were held in May, 2018. Six kids and their art pieces are posted. These events have been held both in USA and Japan for long time and we enjoyed a long, fruitful friendship. The art contest in Japan will be held in June and the ceremony will be held in July, 2018. Posted by Shimizu Port Authority
15. June 2018
44,426 TEU was handled in May. Seaborne cargoes handled in February was posted. Shimizu Port Authority
31. May 2018
46,879 TEU was handled in April. Seaborne cargoes handled in February was posted. Shimizu Port Authority
27. May 2018
Under the sunny day, in May 27, 2018, the Port tour and the Flower Festival was held. Would you like to have a port tour? Next one will be coming in August. Shimizu Port Authority
13. April 2018
"Hello! Welcome to Japan!", shouted school kids at the pier. Passengers from Diamond Princess and Star Legend and citizens were mingled and enjoyed chatting. We are always looking forward to seeing you from all over the world. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
12. April 2018
03. April 2018
Norwegian Gewel, the passenger ship, called at the Port of Shimizu, March 31, 2018. Geisha girls and citizens of Shizuoka gave the passengers a heartfelt welcome. Mount Fuji always welcome you all! posted by Shimizu Port Authority
06. March 2018
Seventeen 4th graders and two teachers from Kamiide Elementary School, Fujinomiya city, came to the Port of Shimizu. They tried hard to study how the things are exporting and importing. They were astonished how big the containers ships and machines at the port were! Port tours are available for schools or the educational organizations. If interested, please contact us. Posted by Shimizu Port Authority

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