Statistics · 2023/03/07
40,435TEU was handled in February, 2023. 87.7% up compared to February of 2022.
Statistics · 2023/02/07
39,492TEU was handled in January, 2023. 93.5% up compared to January of 2022.
Statistics · 2023/01/10
46,698TEU was handled in December, 2022. 99.2% up compared to December of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/12/09
45,013TEU was handled in November, 2022. 96.8% up compared to November of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/11/08
49,147TEU was handled in October, 2022. 102.3% up compared to October of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/10/07
41,587TEU was handled in September, 2022. 94.1% up compared to September of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/09/09
43,517TEU was handled in August, 2022. 98.2% up compared to August of 2021.
Statistics · 2022/08/12
47,494TEU was handled in July, 2022. 94.6% up compared to July of 2021.
Greetings from Shimizu Port 2022 on YouTube to all crew members!
Welcome to Shimizu Port! This is a video message from Shimizu, Japan, a port at the foot of Mount Fuji. We are sending this video to cheer you up in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. So many people working at the Port of Shimizu has kindly participated in making this video. It contains cheering messages through nautical flags sent by “Shimizu Marine Boy Scouts”. Please enjoy a show here. Our most heartfelt welcome and gratitude once again. Bon Voyage. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
Statistics · 2022/07/12
49,017TEU was handled in June, 2022. 103.7% up compared to June of 2021.