12. April 2018
03. April 2018
Norwegian Gewel, the passenger ship, called at the Port of Shimizu, March 31, 2018. Geisha girls and citizens of Shizuoka gave the passengers a heartfelt welcome. Mount Fuji always welcome you all! posted by Shimizu Port Authority
06. March 2018
Seventeen 4th graders and two teachers from Kamiide Elementary School, Fujinomiya city, came to the Port of Shimizu. They tried hard to study how the things are exporting and importing. They were astonished how big the containers ships and machines at the port were! Port tours are available for schools or the educational organizations. If interested, please contact us. Posted by Shimizu Port Authority
06. March 2018
Values of Seaborne Cargo in 2017 are defined and available from our website.
01. March 2018
Rain, rain, go away♪ Come visit our office, the Shimizu Port Authority. Mount Fuji and the beautiful view at the Pier Hinode of the Port of Shimizu posted by Shimizu Port Authority
20. February 2018
Great starting. Statistics of the Port of Shimizu is available from our website. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
10. February 2018
We are always happy to welcome a new container ship at the port. We, Shizuoka prefecture, City of Shizuoka, and the Shimizu Port Promotion Association visited the ship and celebrated the new service called KTX7, which started from January between the Port of Shimizu, Japan, and the Port of Hai Phong, Vietnam. We wish both countries continued success. Photo(1) :Container ship, "OLIVIA, photo(2) : From left, Mr. Fujie (President of OOCL Japan Branch), Mr. Ikeda (Senior Counselor, Shimizu Port...
05. February 2018
29 new direct sea routes will be available from/ to the Port of Shimizu from 15 February, 2018. This would provide users more convenient and user friendly services. A variety of incentives are also available for you to start using the Port of Shimizu. See shipping schedule and incentives on our website for more details. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
19. January 2018
The containerized cargo handled at the Port of Shimizu in 2017 reached 514,540 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). This is the third largest volume handled since 1969. posted by Shimizu Port Authority Would you like to learn about the distribution center? See this page. See also "Statistics of the Port of Shimizu."
17. January 2018
These Cranes will be installed at the Shin-Okitsu container terminal. Posted by Shimizu Port Authority

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