11. January 2019
The containerized cargo handled at the Port of Shimizu in 2018 reached 567,460 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). This is the third largest volume handled since 1969. Almost every month, containers handled in Shimizu, was bigger than those of last year. 49,719 TEU was handled in December 2018.
01. January 2019
Happy New Year! 2019 will be a special year for the port of Shimizu.
13. December 2018
86 pupils and their teachers from Susono-Minami Elementary school visited the Port of Shimizu.
05. December 2018
50,952 TEU was handled in November, 2018. 110.8.5% up compared to November of 2017. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
30. November 2018
09. November 2018
53,282 TEU was handled in October, 2018. 121.5% up compared to October of 2017. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
02. November 2018
Shimizu Port and City Design Workshop will be held with the following schedule. (1) Date& Time 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm, Sat., December 1, 2018 3:30~16:00(予定) (2) Place ROMANKAN 14F (Minato-cho 2-10-1, Shimizu ward, Shizuoka city)  (3) How to apply Apply from this link *Only Japanese is available. (4) Contact & Further information Shimizu Port City Design Council TEL: 054-388-9900 FAX: 054-388-9977
09. October 2018
45,575 TEU was handled in September, 2018. 100.9% up compared to August, 2017. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
04. October 2018
Would you like to know about the Shimizu Port City Grand Design? Visit the website of the Shimizu Port City Design Council! Note: Shimizu Port City Design Council kicked off April 2018 with local authorities and corporations; Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, Shimizu Port Research & Development, Shimizu Futo, The Shizuoka Bank, Shizuoka Railway, The Shimizu Bank, and Suzuyo. Its mission is to establish Shimizu Port City Grand Design, a vision of the Shimizu port and city in twenty years,...
11. September 2018
47,224 TEU was handled in August, 2018. 104.2% up compared to August, 2017. posted by Shimizu Port Authority

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