Statistics · 2021/11/09
48,031TEU was handled in October, 2021. 100.8% up compared to October of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/10/27
Asuka II, the passenger ship, is calling at the Port of Shimizu on coming October 30, 2021. Please understand the Pier Hinode is closed to the public while the ship is calling at. Instead please enjoy the photos of Asuka II when she called at the port in the past. *These photos were taken by Mr. Mochizuki, the official photographer of the Shimizu Port Passenger Promotion Committee. Shimizu Port Authority
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/10/27
It was sunny and crystal clear day. Looking from our office, kids were having lunch near the Pier Hinode. You can also see a huge Oceanographic Research Vessel "MIRAI" over the green. We hope this place be a premium area for everyone gathering here from in and out of Japan in the near future. Shimizu Port Authority
Statistics · 2021/10/07
44,177TEU was handled in September, 2021. 113.7% up compared to September of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/09/20
Please enjoy the pictures of the harmony of blue sky, ocean, Mount Fuji, and our Container Terminal and ships. For more views, please visit our official YouTube channel. Shimizu Port Authority
Statistics · 2021/09/07
44,335TEU was handled in August, 2021. 107.5% up compared to August of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/08/27
Please enjoy the photos of the Chikyu_the drilling ship calling at the Port of Shimizu. Shimizu Port Authority
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/08/18
What beautiful shots with Nipponmaru, the passenger ship, Mount Fuji, and the Port of Shimizu! Shimizu Port Authority
Statistics · 2021/08/11
50,194TEU was handled in July, 2021. 119.1% up compared to July of 2020.
Hot News at Shimizu Port · 2021/08/05
Our favorite snaps taken at the port of Shimizu, with the passenger ship, Nipponmaru. So elegant and beautiful with blue sky, summer Mountain Fuji, and the splendid Suruga Bay! Shimizu Port Authority