49,740TEU was handled in July, 2019. 106.5% up compared to July of 2018. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
In July 12, 2019, the award ceremony of the art contest was held as part of our celebration of Marine Day. Kids were so happy to receive the certificates and prizes. Shimizu Port Authority
46,847TEU was handled in June, 2019. 94.8% up compared to June of 2018. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
The Georgia Ports -Port of Shimizu Art Contest and awards ceremony in Savannah were held in May, 2019. Six kids received Port of Shimizu prize. Their art pieces are so wonderful. The art contest in Japan will be held in June and the ceremony will be held in July, 2019.
44,022 TEU was handled in May, 2019. 99.1% up compared to May of 2018. posted by Shimizu Port Authority
For users of mobile devices, Please click here. (Please observe VR movie with the "YouTube" application*) *Please download the YouTube application from AppStore, if you do not have it. To observe VR movie, with the latest Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge for PC. Shimizu Port Authority
"Bon Voyage! " cried the local people at the pier. Thousands colorful stripes fluttered in the wind. This was a typical heartfelt scene at the port of Shimizu, when a passenger ship was about to leave for the next destination. We all miss you! Posted by Shimizu Port Authority
46,662 TEU was handled in April, 2019. 99.5% up compared to April of 2018. posted by Shimizu Port Authority