Video library of Shimizu Port

You can learn more about the Port of Shimizu by attractive video and  images.

VR_Virtual Reality

●Gantry Crane and Mount Fuji


You can enjoy the landscape of the splendid Suruga Bay and Mount Fuji as if you are on the top of the the gantry crane (No.6) up to more 86 meters high from the sea level.  This time we climbed the newest crane installed in February, 2020.  You can also enjoy the video with other crane's VR view with the following.

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You can also see the another gantry crane (No.3) VR.

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●Temptation of Mount  Fuji

Japanese: 清水港 〜富士山の誘惑〜 

Chinese: Youku []  清水港~富士山的诱惑~

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●Port of Shimizu-An Unbeatable Distribution Center2021_ Digest

Chinese: Youku []清水港 物流据点魅力无 2018

Full version with 10-minutes video is available. For English, please "ON" the subtitle for YouTube.

Video recording

●New Gantry-Crane Arrived at the Shin-Okitsu Container Terminal

This is a video recording when the new gantry crane was arrived at the Port of Shimizu  and settled at one of the container terminals in March, 2020.

*Subtitle: Japanese: Please be patient till the English subtitles will be available.

More about the  Port of Shimizu

●Okitsu-no-nagisa_beach revitalization project

This is to explain the project how revitalize the Okitsu beach area with local people. 

*Voice & subtitle: Japanese: Please be patient till the English subtitles will be available.