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Located approximately in the center of Japan, the Port of Shimizu enables cargoes to be delivered within 24 hours to any domestic destinations, from the north to the south end of the country.  We are also proud of its excellent accessibility to and from land routes, such as the Tomei Expressway and National Route 1 that runs between Tokyo and Osaka. The National Route 1 is directly accessible from the gate of the port.

The opening of the new Shin-Tomei Expressway has resulted in a drastic reduction in traffic congestions as well as the risks accompanying any possible disasters. With these expressways, each of which can serve as an alternative route in case of emergency, the Port of Shimizu ensures outstanding transport efficiency.

In addition, the Chubu-Odan Expressway that connects the north and south of Japan will upon completion significantly reduce transportation time to Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures from the Port of Shimizu, in comparison to using the Port of Yokohama or the Port of Nagoya.

In 2013, a second berth was opened at the Shin-Okitsu International Container Terminal. This earthquake-resistant terminal now spans 700 meters in total length, with two 15-meter-deep berths built side by side and equipped with five high-performance gantry cranes.  This terminal now has the ability to accommodate two large container ships at the same time, which allows for a dramatic increase in its container handling capacity.

The Port of Shimizu continues to evolve in order to meet its users’ needs as an international trade port.


Safe and Secure

Leading the nation in disaster preparedness, Shizuoka Prefecture was among the first to take measures against earthquakes and tsunamis to protect citizens. While both looking out for citizens and continuing our responsibilities as a port, we endeavor to make a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) using lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, to enable everyone to live and work safely and securely amidst any potential disaster.



Since ancient times, the Port of Shimizu has attracted not only local people but also tourists with its “recreational and social" functions.  Combined commerce facilities and a water-bus stop are available for everyone to use.

At the Port of Shimizu, public- private efforts have been underway for 20 years to coordinate the colors across the premises, with the view to maintain and further enhance its attractive landscape against the background of Mt. Fuji, which was designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2013.  The peripheral facilities are painted with aquatic blue and white, the symbol colors of the port. We are proud of this most beautiful design that seamlessly blends the manmade structures at the port with their natural surroundings.


Cruise ships and sail drills at the port attract people every fall, where citizens interact with the foreign tourists who arrive.  Moreover, this year many domestic and foreign cruise ships are planning to stop by. We wholeheartedly welcome many people from in and out of Shizuoka and Japan from the bottom of our hearts with the best hospitality, known as “Omotenashi”. Our port is a gateway to the world and a logistic center for goods, as well as a spiritual home for visitors with its beautiful backdrop and historical heritage.


The Port of Shimizu continues to aspire confidently to be a beloved port for all who use and visit it.


Thank you. Arigato.

April 2015



Tetsuya Fujinami

Executive Director of Shimizu Port Authority

Shizuoka Prefectural Government