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An unbeatable distribution center supporting Japan

A location blessed with good access by sea, land and air has huge possibilities as a logistics base.  When considering logistical solutions from now on "The Port of Shimizu" is sure to be an important key factor.


The very best hospitality, known as "Omotenashi"

The Port of Shimizu, one of the three most beautiful ports in Japan, has the world cultural heritage site Mount Fuji as its backdrop.  With its abundant tourist attractions, and with its hospitality grained in the local people, unforgettable encounters, infectious smiles, and much more, will be awaiting you here.


The Efficient, Convenient Choice

The Port of Shimizu continues to aspire to be a beloved port for all who use and visit it.


Thank you. Arigato.

April 2017

Yukihiko Adachi

Executive Director of Shimizu Port Authority

Shizuoka Prefectural Government