Container Terminal Features


Increased Convenience and Efficiency

The Shin-Okitsu Container Terminal features two adjacent earthquake-resistant berths, each fifteen meters deep and with a combined length of seven hundred meters. Thanks to its rapid expansion, the terminal has become even more convenient and efficient than ever.

  • Terminal can accommodate two large vessels at once
  • Cargo transshipment possible within the same terminal
  • No offshore wait time
  • Loading time reduced by two high-function super gantry cranes
  • Availability of five gantry cranes total drastically cuts docking time for large vessels


Low Costs and Facility Usage Fee Reduction Incentives

Shimizu is the port with the cheapest dockage in Japan, and its overall usage fees for communal facilities and equipment are lower than those of the five major ports (Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kobe). Costs are slashed still thanks to wide-ranging incentive packages. For more information about these programs, click here.


Smooth and Quick Container Transport

A recent survey showed that container truckers spent an average of only twelve minutes between entering and leaving the gates for the Shin-Okitsu and Sodeshi Container Terminals. When using the Port of Shimizu, you can be assured that your operations will be as efficient and painless as possible.


Port of Shimizu VAN: Shimizu's Advanced Comprehensive Information Database

The database, developed collectively and shared by a group of local businesses, provides essential information on a diversity of topics, raging from paperwork for loading ships to arranging for container transport.  Through repeated upgrades, it has succeeded in its goal of making shipping operations quicker and more efficient.  It has been rewarded with an enviable usage rate of 94%, a figure not observed in any other port.