Hinode Wharf

This wharf mainly handles paper pulp, marine products as frozen tunas, and wood products.

Ferries go to the Port of Toi, a gateway to the Izu Peninsula, the resort island, from this terminal. Also many passenger ships docks here as well.

Hinode wharf


・Five Warehouses 26,586.08㎡
・Cargo Sorting Yard 1,188㎡
・Outside Loading Area 240㎡
・Cargo Handling Equipment 


Depth(m) Length(m) Mooring Capacity Main Cargo
12.0 480 30,000 TDW × 2 Paper pulp
Marine products
7.5 260 5,000 TDW × 2
4.5 80 700 TDW × 1

Water Quality Inspection Report

For the water quality of the Hinode Quay, please refer to the following latest "Water Quality Inspection Report" conducted by the Water Quality Management Division, Waterworks Department, Waterworks Bureau, City of Shizuoka(152-9 Ihara-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Japan) .  The inspection conducted every three months.  The report  was translated of the original Water Quality Inspection Results by the Shimizu Port Authority.


Water Quality Inspection Report_English translation
From April, 2024 to June, 2024.
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