Greetings from Shimizu Port 2022 on YouTube to all crew members!


Welcome to Shimizu Port! This is a video message from Shimizu, Japan, a port at the foot of Mount Fuji.

We are sending this video to cheer you up in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

So many people working at the Port of Shimizu has kindly participated in making this video.

It contains cheering messages through nautical flags sent by “Shimizu Marine Boy Scouts”.

Please enjoy a show here.

Our most heartfelt welcome and gratitude once again.

Bon Voyage.

posted by Shimizu Port Authority

The third Monday of July is a Japanese public holiday known as “Marine Day,” and many related events have been held in various parts of Japan in this month.


Our most heartfelt welcome and gratitude once again. 

Bon Voyage. 


Also see these official sites:


⁂Port of Shimizu:

⁂Shimizu Marine Boy Scout:


*Produced and shot by Shimizu Port Authority

*Supported by Shimizu Port Marine Day Executive Committee, Shizuoka Pref. Maritime Public Relations Center, Chubu District Transport Bureau, Shizuoka Transport Branch (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism),Shimizu Coast Guard, Nagoya Customs Shimizu Customs Branch, Chubu Regional Development Bureau, Shimizu Ports Office (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism), Shizuoka City “City of Maritime Culture” Promotion Dept, Suzuyo &Co.,Ltd, Shimizu Marine Boy Scouts, others (listed in random order)


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