Port of Shimizu 2021 video released!

*Japanese follows English.


Port of Shimizu, a dynamic logistics hub supporting Japan! 120 years since it first opened to international trade; yet, it continues to adapt to the needs of its stakeholders. The port is located geologically and economically in approximately center of Japan.  The Port of Shimizu will continue to provide sustainable logistics solutions.


(Narration) Japanese  (Subscription) Japanese / English  (Time) 2 minutes and 18 seconds

Produced by Shimizu Port Authority

※This is a video fully renewed from the one produced in 2018.  Please enjoy the 4K images, as well.

〇Short video 2018 (japanese)https://youtu.be/PlzFy_ZrzrE (english)https://youtu.be/hnzcAiMhC6E

 〇Full video 2021 https://youtu.be/8IXlBRXMfTA





(ナレーション)日本語 (字幕)日本語・英語 切り替え可能 (長さ)2分18秒



〇2018年版 ダイジェスト https://youtu.be/PlzFy_ZrzrE (英語版)https://youtu.be/hnzcAiMhC6E