Shimizu Port Flower Festival 2020 canceled_COVID-19

Flowers are blooming and the early summer is always beautiful around the Port of Shimizu.  Many people gathered but this year.  I am sorry to announce that the Shimizu Port Flower festival was canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by avoiding the 3Cs and refraining from non-essential outings.  Please enjoy pictures taken last year at the festival.


Please stay home and stay healthy.  We would like to welcome you all again after this severe situation.


Shimizu Port Authority

【For further infromation】


〇The Shizuoka Prefectural Government has been released multilingual updates about the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus folllowing site.


外国人のみなさんへ【For Foreigners】<English/Português/Filipino/Other Languages/やさしい日本語(にほんご)>


〇You can also check the updates on ShizuokaPrefecture official Facebook pages. 


And please visit the Special site for he COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus of  Shizuoka prefecture.  You can choose the language on this site.